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Medical Healthcare Enabler

Since 1967, HsienTai Instruments has been a reliable medical distributor in the field of radiology and medical imaging solutions, providing all of Taiwan’s medical institution and medical professionals good service care. With a long history of providing various services has given HsienTai Instrument a great customer-base throughout the islands of Taiwan. HsienTai Instrument’s powerful solution product ranges from Bayer Medrad Angio/CT/MRI/NM injector systems, Iradimed 3880 MRI conditional patient monitor & Iradimed MRI Infusion Pump, MRI accessories, MetraSens MRI Ferromagnetic Detection System, Novatek Roland radiology protection gear, and many more to come in the future. 

HsienTai Instruments will be seeking more and more solutions & services to secure Taiwan’s medical healthcare business with potent customer service.

Vision:  Become a more versatile and smarter “Medical Healthcare Enabler”. From the fields of radiology, medical imaging, medical business consultant, and medical solution provider, HsienTai instruments will be the best solutionist of Taiwan’s medical professionals and institutions.

Core Values:  Create great relationships between manufacturers, vendors, partners, medical institutions, and medical professionals to create a great healthy ecosystem of the medical healthcare business.

Mission:  Be the forefront of Medical Healthcare trade business in Taiwan and of the world to benefit medical professionals, specialists, and patients.

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